AD&D Greyhawk Campaign, set in the Hold of the Sea Princes

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580 C.Y.

late Sunsebb – PCs leave the Forgotten Temple, bringing with them the Dragonbinder horn; arrive in Blackwood Towen to rest and refit;

Needfeast – the year-end week of feasting; “Brown Mage” arrives in Freeport;

581 C.Y.

Fireseek – retrieval of loot from the Forgotten Temple; preparations for the journey west to Spurpire;

Planting – PC’s travel west from Hokar to Spurspire, seat of the Archmage Rodaxx; they bring with them the great Horn and Ox’s phoenix egg; Ixas, seeking word of Blackthorn the Assassin, arrives in Red Town; Bullock remains an owl; arrival at Spurspire and the Debate of the Small Council wherein Keokuk reports of gaints marauding the western Vale and the history of Iggwilv/Vamatar is told; the horn is identified as Dragonbinder, an ancient, minor relic of the Suloise; the PC’s are tasked with finding the Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth and gaining its treasures before the enemies of Spurspire and Monmurg can do so;

Flocktime – PC’s return east and ready for the expedition into the Red Mountains;

Wealsun – leaving the Ponderosa, PC’s enter the Red Mounts in search of the Lost Caverns; encounter and parley with a band of “wolfsheads”; a young red dragon is dispatched; a meeting with band of Red Anvil dwarves on the march; Shadowplay angers Ox; finding of the Craggy Dells and the brigands capturing hippogriffs therein which the PC’s defeat and free the hippogriffs, 3 remaining with the party serving as mounts for Ox, Blackwood, and Outrider; at last, Vamatar’s Horn is seen and the entrance to the Lost Caverns found;

Reaping – Party explores the Lost Caverns


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