The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth

The Greater Caverns, four days in…

-encounter with something entirely alien [Edit. a bodak] that killed 2 of the party by a mere look in the eyes; Shadowplay using the last wish in his Luckblade to raise Chico;
- several similar, uniform, and square chambers; each at a four-way junction and inscribed with a magic circle of some unknown sort;
- Blackwood polymorphing a dread dragon-basilisk hybrid (experiment of Iggwilv gone wrong?) into a gamecock;
- the hacking up of several shriekers whilst Blackwood looked on in horror which led to…
- a hill giant with pet giant rhino beetle, both dispatched easily enough;
- a bargaining bar-lgura which the jaded party had no interest in listening to;
- a group of superior gargoyles which gave the party a very tough fight, severely wounding a couple of them;
- a pair of great iton portals, engraved with a message to trespassers of what lies beyond; the party let them be…for now;

AD&D Greyhawk Campaign, set in the Hold of the Sea Princes

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